The National Convocation of Jail and Prison Ministry

The Convocation this year will be in Berkeley, CA on May 25-27, 2014. More information will be posted soon. Check back often for updates.

Restorative Justice

The NATIONAL CONVOCATION OF JAIL AND PRISON MINISTRY brought advocates of “Restorative Justice” together for over 30 years and it had a powerful and positive effect on all those involved. For us, Restorative Justice means that the offender as well as the victim and the whole community must be restored after a crime has done its damage.


Convocation 2015 – The Last Convocation

The 2015 Convocation was the last one held. It occurred at the headquarters of Prison Fellowship in Lansdowne, VA.

Some of the features of the 2015 Convocation can be seeb atschedule.

The Theme was:
"The Future"

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  • Position Papers

    In addition to the Convocation’s MISSION STATEMENT and its PURPOSES AND GOALS, these POSITION PAPERS became a way of defining the Convocation. POSITION PAPERS were supposed to be in the Spirit of the Convocation. POSITION PAPERS were to be in the Spirit of Working Together. POSITION PAPERS were to approach each Proposal with a Spirit of Reality. (SEE MORE ABOUT HOW THE POSITION PAPERS DEVELOPED OVER THE YEARS.)