1997-03 Disparity of Sentencing / Lack of Rehabilitation

The National Convocation of Jail and Prison Ministries resolves:

– that restorative justice be the guiding principle in all aspects of the criminal justice system. In order to provide for community safety, to make better use of all available financial resources and to provide for transition back into the community; individual Departments of Corrections should make use of restitution centers, community re-entry programs, mentoring programs and other such community programs.

– that sentencing policy not be determined by the social class of the accused, and that access to sentencing options or mental or physical health care not be income based.

– that legislators, administrators, members of the judicial system and governmental officials should work with interested member of the larger community for developing and implementing restorative justice policies.

– that the National Convocation, at its annual gathering, serve as an internal clearinghouse, providing information to participants about effective programs of restorative justice.

On The Death Sentence:

– that alternatives to the Death Penalty, such as “Life Without Parole” be considered and proposed in all Capital cases.

– that the defendants’ defense is composed of attorneys who have experience in capital cases.

– that equality of defense and sentencing is the same for all being tried in capital cases.