1997-06 The Convocation Opposes the Death Penalty Especially the Killing of Children

(Position paper is speaking out against the seeking of the death penalty in the capital trial case of Azikiwe Kambule.)

We commit ourselves to writing a letter to the District Attorney opposing the seeking of the death penalty in this case.

In addition the Convocation membership is encouraged to take individual actions in this case in their home community to make the Azi case nationally known. This may include:

a. Letter to the District Attorney.
b. Contact Azi’ attorney.
c. Send donations to cover litigation costs.
d. Educate ourselves about the case and share information with our local communities.
Show up for any court proceedings if possible.
Monitor the outcome of this case.

Specific Action Requested By subcommittee:

Because the trial date is approaching, timing is considered important. Action should be taken by the Steering Committee as soon as possible on this paper. Requesting the Steering Committee appoint a person to write a letter on behalf of the Convocation Membership post haste to the District Attorney in this case declaring our position. Individual action should be done in a timely fashion as well.