1997-01 On-Going Anti-Death Penalty and Clemency Letter Writing Project

The Convocation will send letters of support for Death Row Inmates at critical times near execution dates, for those requesting clemency and for other similar reasons, to the President, Governors and other appropriate officials.

The Convocation Chairperson/Steering Committee will appoint an individual or subcommittee with access to a secretary and computer to perform this service for the Convocation.

The National Coalition To Abolish The Death Penalty, “National Execution Alert Network” will be the source of information of which persons need supportive letters and the officials to be addressed. Other letters may be requested by Convocation Members.

Form letters that can be modified for each case will be sent on Convocation stationery on behalf of all Convocation Members. Form letters are to be developed by subcommittee and approved by the Steering Committee. A small fund will be needed for Postage and other expenses.