About Us


The National Convocation of Jail and Prison Ministry is a movement of participants from around the nation struggling to integrate direct service, advocacy and education. We cherish our beginnings from the Christian tradition. We invite every women and man of any faith who share our beliefs about the criminal justice system to join us. Our faith and the analysis of our experience call us to advocate reconciliation in the criminal justice system. The ministry includes both victims and offenders. We work to move from a retributive to a restorative criminal justice system. Our goals include abolishing the death penalty, stopping jail and prison construction, and developing alternatives to incarceration. Convocation participants determine its direction. We come together yearly to sustain each other in our work and our journey for justice.


1) To foster a common vision of healing justice in the criminal justice system for the victim, the offender, and the community.

2) To offer those in ministry to the imprisoned, an opportunity to gather yearly to sustain one another through prayer and networking, and by reflecting together upon the injustices inherent in the justice system of our nation.

3) To move from a posture of reflection to actively challenging the social injustices in the justice system through advocacy and education of the free community and lobby legislators in behalf of those oppressed by the present system.