Past Convocation Themes

Year Location Region Speakers Theme
1980 Evansville, IN MW Foundation meeting – Founded by Catholic Priests
1981 Darien, IL MW Open to Sisters, Brothers, Lay Women and Men
1982 Kansas City Kansas MS Time of growth
1983 Malibu Ca. W Major Discussion on Direction of Convocation
1984 Weston MA NE Evelyn & James Whitehead led process of self examination Time of growth
1985 St. Louis MO MS James P. Gilsinah, Rita Martin O.P., Joanette Nitz O.P. Radical (Root Causes) Response to Criminal Justice
1986 Plymouth MI MW Rev. Ben Chavis, Rev. Jim McDonough, Sr. Helen Prejean, Sr. Esther Heffernan Prisons / Slavery / Structural domination
1987 Las Cruses NM MS Michael Welch PhD, Sr. Esther Herfernan OP, Sr. Darlene Niegorski SSF, Father Ted Keeting, Fr. Rich Thomas S.S. Oppression / Solidarity / Liberation Hispanics & Native Americans (re-affirm Direction of Convocation)
1988 Washington DC NE Bishop John Ricard, Dean Brackley, John Ford, Phyllis Jo Baruach And Justice for All
1989 Miami Fl SE Globally, the Death Penalty is dead. Hispanic & immigration issues
1990 Los Angeles CA W Suzanne Jabro C.S.J., Howard Zehr, Kathy Denison, Eileen McNerney CSJ Telling Our Story, Living Our Hope
1991 Cape Cod MA NE Janet Schoof, Peter Cicchino Now is the Time (Ecumenical Thrust & Plan 2 years ahead)
1992 Chicago, IL MW Rev. Jack Norgard, Rev. Jim Allen, Rev. Louis Cameli, Al Wengert, Charlie Sullivan, Dr. Cristine Jose Kampfner, Jane Higgins Where is the Dream?
1993 San Francisco CA W (Leadership Meeting created Steering Committee)
1994 Seattle WA NW Brigid Clingman O.P., Greg Boyle S.J., Leigh Dingeson, Alberta Cannida From fear to Freedom Restoring Right Relatiohships
1995 St. Louis MO MS Sr. Francis Thompson OSF, Melissa Springer, Gregory Freeman, Rev. Virginia Mackey, Fr. Robert Drinin S.J., Charles See, Khatib Waheeb, Kay Pranis New Visions of Restorative Justice
1996 Washington D.C. NE Vaughn Booker, Margaret Moore, Kathy Lancaster, Alvin Bronstein, Diann Rust-Tierney Fear and Violence in America, Building Bridges in a Prison Society
1997 Canton MS SE Hon. John W. Whitfield, Carver Randle, Thomas Fortner, Jaribu Hil, L.C. Dorcy, Phd Rabbi Steven Engle, Andre De Grey Weaving a New Vision of Hope (Established Position Papers)
1998 Detroit Michigan MW Dr. Beckner, Dr. Nicholas, Dr. Sampson, Dr. Kaminski, Kay Perry
Restorative Justice – A Call to Conversion and A Framework for Action
1999 Berkley CA W Gil Bailie, Rev. Glenda Hope, Laura Magnani, Rev. Phil Lawson For the Least Among Us (Web site established?)
2000 St. Cloud MN MW Dr. Kristina Kampfner PhD, Fr. Michael Bryant, Suzanne Jabro C.S.J., Pail Beins, Sara Barnes, Mark Garey Celebrating Victories, Celebrating Visions
2001 Columbus OH MW Edwina Gately, Nawal Ahmar, PhD Jacquelin Doepker O.S.F., Jana Schroeder, Bud Welch, Carl UpChurch Looking Toward the Future (Leadership Meeting)
2002 Austin TX MS Ronnie Earle, Rev. David Curran CLCM, Michael Radelet Ministry, an Instrument of Change
2003 Denver CO MS Joyce Ann Brown, Ann Rogers, Bill Ritter, Pat Robertson, Rebecca Daily, Judi Smith, Tom Cavanaugh, Michael Radelet Peaks and Valleys in Your Jail and Prison Ministry
2004 Baltimore MD ME Alfreda Robinson, Simone Ponnet, Tomi Hiers, Marc Maur Aliens & Strangers No Longer
2005 Milwaukee WI MW Ed Garys, Walter Dickey, Justice Janine P. Geske, Connor Williams, Les Schmidt, Pastor Ed Nesselhuf, Reginald Sweet, Kit McNalley, Anne Luber, Debbie Lassiter Bringing Peace & Hope Home
2006 Myrtle Beach SC SE Bishop Robert J. Baker STD, Stephen Dear, Dale Recinella, Cheryl Czuba, David Kaczynski, Gary Wright Rejoice in Hope
2007 Phoenix AZ W Katherine Norgard PhD, Manuel Kurkendall, JoAnn Morales, Willliam Santiago, Judge Rudolph J. Gerber, Marty Lieberman, Danny Yert, Kathleen Mitchel, Ed Nesselhuf, Dorothea Murphy RSM Instruments of Peace
2008 Techny IL MW Rev. Wayne Leys, Jean Jackson & Children, “Aftercare in Missouri”-Sr. Carleen Reck & Staff, Wassim Moukahal, Pat Williams, Lisa Wagner Forge the Future for the Common Good
2009 Baton Rouge LA MS Dr. Juan Barthelemy, Gary Sumrall, Charles deGravelles, Sr. Linda Songy, Darryl Campbell, Charles and Pauline Sullivan FORMERLY INCARCERATED, Dr. Ken Parker, Sr. Helen Prejean DAY AT ANGOLA PRISON CAMP Renew, Restore, Rebuild
2011 St. Louis MO MS Gregory “Father G” Boyle-Gang Ministry; Gary Kemper-Sex Offenders; Chief Justice William Price-Drug Offenders Presence on the Edges
2012 Scranton PA NE Dr. Todd Clear-Community Justice; Kirk Bloodsworth-Wrongly condemned Community Justice
2013 Orlando FL SE Travis Vining-Forgivenes heals; Sr. Helen Prejean Building Bridges-Not Walls
2014 Berkeley CA W Visit to San Quintin; Immigration; Prisoners’ Performance of “John Brown’s Body” Re-entry Without Recidivism
2015 Washington D.C. NE Audit Prison Fellowship; Discuss future with Fr. Michael Bryant Examining the Future