1987 Toney Anaya
Governor of New Mexico

1988 Diann U. Rust-Tierney
Attorney, ACLU National Prison Project, Washington, D.C.

1989 Rev. Raymond C. Dowling
Chaplain/Hostage, Federal Prison Atlanta, Georgia

1990 Sister Helen Prejean, CSJ
Louisiana Pilgrimage for Life and author of DEAD MAN WALKING.

1991 U.S. Senator Edward Kennedy
State of Massachusetts

1992 Sister Miriam Wilson, OSB
Chaplain, Cook County Jail Chicago, Illinois

1994 Magdaleno Rose-Avila
Amnesty International Northwest, U.S.A.

1995 Rev. Sylvester W. Bauer
Advocate for Justice, Freeburg, Missouri

1996 Pauline & Charles Sullivan
Founders – National CURE, Washington, D.C.

1997 Sister Thea Bowman, FSPA (1937 – 1990)
All Fields of Social Justice, (South) U.S.A.

1998 Sister Peggy Devaney
Chaplain, Oakland County Jail, Archdiocese of Detroit, Michigan

1999 Rev. Jan Marinissen
American Friends Service Committee, Oakland, California

2000 Rev. Michael Bryant
Chaplain, District of Columbia Detention Facility, Washington, D.C.

2001 Carl Upchurch
Author, Youth Gangs, Columbus, Ohio

2002 Sister Julian Baird, R.S.M.
Mercy Intern Project, Dallas, Pennsylvania

2003 Rev. James Sunderland, SJ
Advocate for Justice, Denver, Colorado

2004 Frank M. Dunbaugh
Founder of MD Justice Policy Institute, Baltimore, Maryland

2005 Rev. Kofi Antone Jenkins
Activist and advocate for Justice, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

2006 Msgr. Thomas R. Duffy
Advocate for Justice, Charleston, South Carolina

2007 Dr. Kathy Norgard
Psychologist/Abolitionist, Tucson, Arizona

2008 Lawrence C. Marshall
Advocate for Wrongfully Incarcerated, Illinois, California

2009 James LeBlanc
Secretary, La. Department of Public Safety and Corrections

2011 William Siedhoff
Director of Human Services for City of St. Louis, Missouri

2012 Angus Love
Social Justice Advocate

2013 Michael Sardelli
Volunteer for Justice, Orlando, Florida

2014 Rev. John Vogler
Prison Minister, St. Louis, Missouri

2015 U.S. Rep. Bobby Scott
Advocate for Social Justice from Virginia