Position Paper Guidelines

1. Position Papers should be brief (cover sheet and two pages or less), to the point and utilize professional language.

2. Draft of letters, press releases, written tracts, supporting materials, outlines of implementation of actions, etc., should be includes as addenda.

3. Position Papers should flow directly from the mission statement of the Convocation. There are many issues related to that statement of the Convocation. There are many other issues upon which we may agree but are not related to our mission. We must maintain our focus. To go beyond that focus would require a vote of the Convocation at the next meeting.

4. The Position Papers should focus on general not specific issues. If a specific case is the focus, it should be related to an over-riding Convocation concern. The issues that are local in focus, must have universal impact.

5. There should be clear support for a position from Convocation members. If an issue has members both strongly in favor and strongly opposed or if the issues are unclear, then a Position Paper is not accepted. The Steering Committee may wish to delay action, use some manner of seeking Convocation input or reject the proposal.

6. Persons or groups to be contacted and the method of contact should be clearly indicated. The Steering Committee may broaden or narrow the number or person or agencies receiving the paper/contact.

7. The method of presentation, timing, form, etc. may be accepted, adjusted or changed by the Steering Committee.