Position Paper Process for Consideration

1. Position Papers may be presented by the Convocation, the Chairperson, the Steering Committee, groups or individual members of the Convocation.

2. The individual or group presents the proposal sheet, written Position Paper and addenda to the Chairperson or Steering Committee member.

3. The Chairperson, at this point, may decide to present the Position Paper to the entire Convocation or refer to the Steering Committee for consideration. (Since we meet yearly, timing may impact which method is utilized.)

4. The Chairperson/Steering Committee decides on acceptance and implementation.

5. The Chairperson appoints individuals and/or sub-committees needed to complete and implement the Position Paper.

6. Implementation is done in a timely fashion.

7. Submitting individual or group is informed of the outcome by Chairperson/Steering Committee.

8. Convocation is informed of the Position Papers acted upon.